Mission Presidents Addresses
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Former and current Italy Mission Presidents are listed here with a few paragraphs about each to let you know about them. You are encouraged to keep in touch with your president, and keep the missionary spirit going in your lives. They welcome your letters and other contact.

Jeffrey Acerson (Italy Rome Mission)
Lindon, UT
Returned from missionary service in July 2010.

Kent J. Allen (Italy Milano Mission)
Returned from Missionary Service July, 2019.

Howard C. Anderson, Jr. (Italy Padova Mission)
1424 W Green Apple Street
South Jordan, UT 84095
Phone: (801)385-444-1579

Howard Anderson served among the very first missionaries to be called to serve in Italy. At that time there was no MTC or Language Training Mission, so he was sent directly to the Mission Headquarters in Florence with no formal training in Italian. He served for 30 months with Pres. John Duns, and was acquainted with some of the "pioneer" members of the church in Italy during his mission.
He was called to return as Mission President to the Padova Mission in 1992 and worked with the sons of several of his former colleagues and companions as they served as missionaries in Italy under his direction. Pres. Anderson and his wife Claudia now live in South Jordan, not far from the Jordan River Temple.

Giovanni Ascione (Italy Catania Mission)
Via Degli Scaglieri, 12
37012 Bussolegno (VR)

Ralph A. Barnes (Italy Rome Mission)
Ralph Barnes served as President of the Italy South Mission from April 1973, which was renamed to the Italy Rome Mission during his tenure. He passed away several years ago. Similar to his predecessor President Call, he and his wife served as a missionary couple in the same mission before being called as the mission president.

Rodney B. Boynton (Italy Milano Mission)
Email: vickiboyntonyahoo dot com

Bart D. Browning (Italy Milan Mission)
Returned from Missionary Service July 2022.

Bart D. Browning and Gail H. Browning have three children and were called from the Twin Falls 15th Ward, Twin Falls Idaho Stake, succeeding President Kent J. Allen and Sister ReneƩ Allen. President Browning is a former stake presidency counselor, stake Young Men president, stake single adult representative, high councilor, bishopric counselor, elders quorum president, Sunday School teacher, and missionary in the Italy Rome Mission. He was born in Pocatello, Idaho, to Lloyd Duncan Browning and Natalie Anne Wells Browning.
Sister Browning is a former stake and ward Young Women president, stake Young Women presidency counselor, stake single adult representative, Young Women adviser, ward Primary presidency counselor, Relief Society compassionate service coordinator, and Primary music leader. She was born in Pocatello, Idaho, to Gerald Ezra Hawkes and Dorcas Ann Green Hawkes.

Lester D. Call (Italy South Mission)
Lester D. Call and his wife Mildred were serving together as a missionary couple in the Italy Rome Mission when he was called to serve for one year as the new Mission President. He served as President of the Italy South Mission from March 1972 until April 1973. President Call passed away in the spring of 1997 at a Utah Hospital after a short illness. A memorial service was held in Utah, and another one in California. He is buried near Roseville, California. Sister Call preceeded him in death.

Craig A. Cardon (Italy Roma Mission)
Quorums of the Seventy
47 East South Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84150
Phone: 801-240-1000
Sustained to the Second Quorum of the Seventy April 1, 2006, at age 57.
Elder Cardon says there is no substitute for the power that comes through the scriptures. I set a rule for myself long ago, he says. I was not going to let my eyes close for the final time upon the day unless they had fallen upon the scriptures.
When serving as president of the Italy Rome Mission from 1983 to 1986, Elder Cardon started discussing the scriptures during each presidency meeting a practice he continued in subsequent callings. Teaching from the scriptures was always on the agenda, he says. We would spend a significant amount of time focusing on the doctrine as taught in the scriptures. That was a valued, cherished time.
Elder Cardon was born on December 30, 1948, in Mesa, Arizona, USA, to Vilate Allen Cardon and Wilford Pratt Cardon. After serving a mission in Italy, he married Deborah Dana on November 25, 1970, in the Mesa Arizona Temple; they are the parents of eight children.
While growing up, Elder Cardon says, he benefited from the righteous example and teachings of his parents. "I had a mother who taught me to pray and a father who taught me to trust and love the Lord, he says. Their guidance helped him recognize the Spirit at a young age. On one occasion, a concern weighed heavily on his mind. Because of the way I had been taught, I went out to kneel in the fields near our home. I remember getting some distinct answers." Tutoring experiences continued throughout his life and helped prepare him for his call to the Second Quorum of the Seventy.
Elder Cardon, who has worked in a family real-estate business, received his bachelor's degree from Arizona State University and his master's degree from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. He has been a bishop, stake president, Gospel Doctrine teacher, and institute instructor.

Leavitt Christensen (Great Italy and Italy South Missions)
Leavitt Christensen was a Counselor to Pres. John Duns, and served as President of the Great Italy Mission from March 1969 until July, 1971, when during his administration, the mission was divided. The other former counselor to Pres. Duns, Dan Jorgensen, was called to return to Italy and preside over the Italy North Mission with headquarters in Milan. President Christensen continued as President of the Italy South Mission until Lester D. Call was called as the new President in the Spring of 1972.

J. Halvor Clegg (Italy Milano Mission)
339 East 1655 South
Orem, UT 84058
Phone: (801)224-1637

W. Bryan Colton (Italy Catania Mission)

Hunter, UT 84121
William Bryan Colton, Hunter 10th Ward, Salt Lake Hunter East Stake; former temple ordinance worker, stake president, bishop, ward Young Men president and missionary in the North Germany and Italy missions. Chief financial officer at Pegus Research. Born in Price, Utah, to David Sanford and Rose Marie Mangone Colton. Married Theodora Gibb, six children.
A Relief Society teacher, she is a former temple ordinance worker, ward Primary president, Young Women adviser and Primary teacher. Born in Cardston, Alberta, to Golden Boyd and Hazel Redd Gibb.

LeGrand Curtis, Jr. (Italy Padova Mission)
1837 E. Moorecrest Court
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Phone: (801)943-8318
Email: padova4hotmail dot com
Upon our return from Italy we moved back into our home in Salt Lake County. We stay busy with church assignments and the practice of law. Family events have been numerous: Our daughter Jessica was married in July. Jon left on his mission to Russia in September. Our first grandchild, Thomas, was born to Tom and Steph in December. Matt was married the week after. Sam is finishing his senior year at Brighton High School and will attend BYU starting in September.

G. Robert DeWitt (Italy Catania Mission)
1732 West 540 North, #124
St. George, UT 84770
Phone: (435)673-1104
Email: ilcapoinfowest dot com
I served as President of the Italy Catania Mission from 1992 - 1995. As a convert to the Church in mid life, I did not have the privilege of serving as a young man. As a matter of fact, Sister DeWitt and I were called on our mission without benefit of the language; we presided over 4 districts - there was no stake in the south of Italy at that time. The brethren assumed that in as much as we are both half Italian, we could speak the language. It was an a real challenge for that first year. We still hold an annual summer mission reunion at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City.

Bruce Dibb (Italy Milano Mission)
Returned from missionary service July 2016.

Cleve Dibble (Italy Padova Mission)
Deceased, July 4, 2015.
See https://www.lindquistmortuary.com/notices/Cleve-Dibble for the online obituary.

J. Scott Dunaway (Italy Milano Mission)
Orem, Utah
Returned from missionary service July 2010.

John Duns, Jr. (Great Italy Mission)
1238 East Ave., R-2
Palmdale, CA 93550
Phone: (661)947-0691

Christian Euvrard (Italy Milano Mission)
Paris, France
Phone: 011-331-487-13588

Richard H. Favero (Italy Roma Mission)
3122 South 4700 West
Odgen, UT 84401
Phone: (801)731-1463

Leone Flosi (Italy Roma Mission)
1017 Sheppey Ct.
Naperville, IL 60565
Phone: (630) 428-1686
Email: TheFlosiscs dot com
I did not serve as a missionary in Italy prior to being called as President of the Italy Rome Mission in 1996. I was baptized at age 34, after I was married and had a child. I did however get transferred to Rome with my work in 1980 and while there served as a counselor to four different mission presidents (Coletti, Gillespie, Cardon and Williams.).

Lino Pablo Gambarotto (Italy Catania Mission)
Email: norevituol dot com.ar

Clinton G. Gillespie (Italy Roma Mission)
9348 Solena Way
Sandy, UT 84093
Phone: (801)943-8407
Email: cggillespiecomcast dot net
Clinton G. Gillespie was called as President of the Italy Rome Mission in July 1980 and served until July 1983. This assignment was one of the finest experiences in all of his and Sis. Gillespie's Church service and the missionaries were the best in the Church. While in the Air Force, he had previously served as Branch President of the Vicenza Servicemens's Branch from 1964 to 1967 during the period when the first missionaries were brought into Italy and when the Great Italy Mission was finally formed, with Pres. John Duns as president. He also served as District President of the Naples Italy District from 1975 to 1978.
After returning from the Rome Mission, Pres. Gillespie worked at the Church Office Building in Temples & Special Projects for 11 years during which time he helped organize, and served as the first president of the Italian Missionary Association. After working for the Church, he and Sis. Gillespie served a two-year temple mission to the Swiss Temple where he served as 2nd Counselor for the first year and as 1st Counselor for the second year. Together, they served a second two year mission to the Seoul Korea Temple following which Pres. Gillespie served a one year service mission with the Temple Construction Department at the Church Office Building before he again left with Sis. Gillespie for a mission to the Spain Madrid Temple in 2001 where he served as 2nd Counselor in the Madrid MTC (collocated with the Spain Madrid Temple) while serving as a full time temple missionary. As with their other missions, serving in the Spain Madrid Temple was a great and enjoyable experience.
Upon returning home from Spain, Pres.& Sis. Gillespie were called to serve a two year mission in the Salt Lake Temple with the Church Translation Department in offices located in the basement of the Salt Lake Temple, a unique and interesting mission. Sister Gillespie passed away on 19 December 2006 from cancer but Pres. Gillespie still resides in Sandy and worked as an ordinance worker and sealer in the Jordan River Temple until 2009 when the Draper Temple was dedicated. Since he lived in the new Draper Temple district, he was transferred to that temple and continues to work there four shifts a week as a sealer and ordinance worker.
We consider ourselves to be a missionary family as our six children all served missions and, at this time, 20 of our 24 grand children have served missions. The others are not old enough yet. Our mission has greatly blessed our entire family in many ways.

Kenneth R. Goodman (Italy Milano and Italy Catania Missions)
1185 N. 160 E.
American Fork, UT 84003
Phone: (801)763-7842
Email: goodmankraol dot com
Since our July 1996 release from the Catania mission, Carol and I have been living in Utah County. I served in the Mount Timpanogos temple for three years and as a patriarch in Highland until we built a home and moved to American Fork in November 2007. Carol has been teaching in Relief Society and primary. In retirement from the US Foreign Service, I have been working part time as a contract consultant. Carol has been enjoying teaching elementary school since our return, a love she abandoned for most of our married life. We are both enjoying reasonably good health and, since our return from the mission, the number of our grand children has increased from 6 to 15. They keep us young!

John Grinceri (Italy Padova Mission)
14 Cranberry Gardens
Western Australia 6021
Phone: 08-9440-4848
Email: jagrinceribigpond dot com
I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. I joined the Church along with my family when I was 14 years of age. I received my mission call to Switzerland, but when I arrived in February 1966 I was advised that Italy was a part of the Swiss Mission, and it would be my field of labor. The Italian Mission was organised six months after my arrival, with John Duns Jr. as president. I was also present on Mount Brigham when Ezra Taft Benson rededicated Italy. I had a wonderful mission and had many great experiences.
In 1975 at the age of 29 I was called back to Italy to serve as the president of the newly created Italy Padova Mission, my wife Vicki was just 26. When we arrived we had to start almost from scratch as there was no mission home, no mission office, not even a Phone or a desk. Nevertheless, with the help of some wonderful missionaries we soon began to see the fruits of our labors and the Italy Padova Mission became the highest baptising mission in Europe. President Spencer W Kimball visited the mission in 1977, and a number of chapels were built during this period. Our fourth child Todd was also born.
After returning home to Australia 2 more sons were born making it a total of 6 sons. I taught high school for a few years before turning to business. I have been blessed to serve in a number of church callings including that of area authority seventy. I currently serve as the multi stake director of Public affairs. Our six sons have all served missions, the first five in Italy, and the youngest in New Zealand. We are now grandparents several times over. We continue to have fond memories of the missionaries and the members with whom we served, and our love for the Savior and His gospel is still as strong as ever. May the Lord bless you all.

J. Lane Henderson (Italy Milano Mission)
143 W 400 North
Salem, UT
Phone: 801-423-7992
Email: hendersonsinitalyhotmail dot com

Daniel O. Jensen (Italy Roma Mission)
2726 NE 159th Circle
Ridgefield, WA 98642
Phone: 360-852-8200
Email: danjenetek dot com
Website: www.daniel-jensen.com
Daniel O. and Beverly Jensen were called to the Padova Mission in 2001. Their assignment was changed to the Roma Mission in 2002 where they served until 2004. "The Villa" in Rome is where President Jensen spent his first night in Italy on his mission in 1972 so it was a surreal experience to return 30 years later to preside over the Rome mission and live in the same home. President and Sister Jensen have 5 children, all of whom were married in the temple before their missionary service. They now have 10 grandchildren. President Jensen works as a consultant for Direct Selling Companies and loves his calling as a Gospel Doctrine teacher. Sister Jensen loves the time she has to be a nonna. They live in Washington State but will always have a love for Italy and the special missionaries they served with.

Dan Jorgensen (Italy North Mission)
67 South 300 East
Ephraim, Utah 84627
Phone: (435)283-3414
801-226-1948, mobile
email: jorgensen.danearthlink dot net
We have restored and renovated an old pioneer home near the Snow College campus where Elaine is a professor of music. We also spend lot of time at our family cattle ranch in the Fishlake National Forest near Salina, Utah.
About every other year we return to Italy, usually with all the family. We rent a villa near Lucca and travel about the north enjoying all that italy has to offer and visiting old friends. It is indeed wonderful to see the growth and progress of the Church in Italy. It was a blessing to spend six years there in the early days working so closely with the members and outstanding missionaries.

Thomas Kelly (Italy Roma Mission)
Returned from missionary service July 2013.

Leopoldo Larcher (Italy Roma Mission)
Via XXII 13 Quartiere La Famiglia
25126 Brescia
Phone: 030-314311

Frank Lombardo (Italy Milano Mission)
1224 Valhalla Driive
Clearfield, UT 84015
Phone: (801)776-3776
Email: falombardodeseretonline dot com

Felice Lotito (Italy Padova and Milano Missions)
Residing in Northen Italy

Timothy Morris (Italy Roma Mission)
Currently Serving President
Via Cimone 103
00141 Roma
Phone: 011-39-0686-800-123
Timothy D. Morris, and Cindy S. Morris, three children, Grand Lakes Ward, Katy Texas Stake: Italy Rome Mission, succeeding President Donald E. Smith and Sister Rebecca Smith. Brother Morris is a stake president and former high councilor, bishop, elders quorum president, ward mission leader, ward Young Men presidency counselor and missionary in the Italy Catania Mission. He was born in Bryan, Texas, to David Gordon Morris and Carole Campbell Morris.
Sister Morris is an institute teacher and former stake Young Women presidency counselor, ward Young Women president, ward Relief Society presidency counselor, ward Young Women presidency counselor and Gospel Doctrine teacher. She was born in Salt Lake City to John Leon Sorenson and Patricia Campbell Sorenson.

Craig N. Pacini (Italy Roma Mission)
837 Juniperpoint Court
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Email: presidentpacini dot net
Craig N. Pacini was called to serve in the Italy North Mission (1972 with President Dan Jorgensen) and finished after the name change in the Italy Milan Mission in 1974 under President Ivan Radman. He and his wife Julie were called to preside over the Italy Rome Mission and commenced their service in July of 1999. They have 7 children, four of which lived with them in Italy. The Pacinis were released on July 1, 2002 and live in Salt Lake City. They are hosts of a web page for their missionary group that is located at http://italyromemission.com, which you are invited to visit.
The Pacinis recently returned from an assignment as President and Matron of the Italy Rome Temple. Congratulations and welcome home!

C. Gerald Parker (Italy Roma Mission)

Giuseppe Pasta (Italy Roma Mission)
Via Magellano, 5I
24050 Grassobbio (Bergamo)
Phone: 035 335251 - Fax 035 4522780 - Cell. 338 4569017
Email: pastagildschurch dot org

Michael D. Pickerd (Italy Roma Mission)
Returned from missionary servivce July 2019.
A note of interest, President and Sister Pickard are serving in the Presidency of the Provo MTC. Thank you so much for your dedicated service!

Ivan G. Radman (Italy Milano Mission)
4384 Park View Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
Phone: (801)278-8480

Terrence G. Rempel (Italy Catania Mission)
4325 Goodison Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1W 4C6
Email: rempelonishaw dot ca

Robert Rhien (Italy Roma Mission)
711 Crestview Dr.
Farmington,NM 87401
Phone: (505)327-4182
Email: rrhiencovenantmail dot com

Donald E. Smith (Italy Roma Mission)
Returned from Missionary Service July 2022.

Donald E. Smith and Rebecca Smith have three children and were called from the Twin Falls 15th Ward, Twin Falls Idaho Stake, succeeding President Michael D. Pickerd and Sister Marian Pickerd. President Smith has served as a Sunday School teacher and a former stake presidency counselor, bishop, high councilor, ward Young Men president, ward Young Men adviser, and missionary in the Italy Milan Mission. He was born in Salt Lake City to Donald Eugene Smith and Alice Barratt Smith.
Sister Smith served as a stake Relief Society president and a former seminary teacher and ward Young Women and Primary presidency counselor. She was born in Salt Lake City to Philip Hone Clark and Ruth Hawkins Clark.

Madison U. Sowell (Italy Milano Mission)
30 Rose Crest Lane
Lexington, VA 24450
Phone: (801)885-6649
Email: madison.sowellgmail dot edu
Madison and Debra Sowell served from 1998-2001 in the Italy Milan Mission with 434 missionaries. Upon his return he served in various Provo MTC branch presidencies from 2001-2006 with over 1200 missionaries, many of whom went on to serve in Italy. In 2009, after over 30 years of service at BYU, he retired as the Honors Program Director and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education and became the provost (chief academic officer) at Southern Virginia University, where his wife is now a professor of humanities and theater history. From 2011-2014 he served as first counselor in the West Virginia Charleston Mission presidency. Sister Sowell serves as the Young Single Adult stake Relief Society president.

James A. Toronto (Italy Catania Mission)
Returned from missionary service July 2010.
A note of interest is that President and Sister Toronto are currently serving as President and Matron of the Rome Italy Temple. We wish them well!

Norman C. Turner (Italy Catania Mission)
225 East 1000 North
Orem, UT 84057
Phone: (801)225-2663

Michael G. Waddoups (Italy Roma Mission)
Returned from missionary service July 2016.
Before arriving as the new Mission President, President Waddoups served as a Primary teacher and ward missionary and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, high councilor, bishop, temple preparation and marriage relations teacher, and missionary in the Italy Mission. President, Utah State Senate. Born in Idaho Falls.
Sister Waddoups serves as a Primary teacher and is a former temple ordinance worker, stake Young Women president, ward Primary president, ward Young Women president, and Relief Society president. Born in Afton, Wyoming.

Arthur R. Watkins (Italy Padova Mission)
907 East 200 North
Orem, UT 84057
Phone: (801)225-6250

Dwight B. Williams (Italy Roma and Catania Missions)
6011 So. Lake Placid Place
Holladay, UT 84121
Phone: (801)277-3125

David Wolfgramm (Italy Milano Mission)
Returned from missionary service July 2013.

David Rudolph Wolfgramm and Sue Gardiner Wolfgramm, five children, Elk Hollow Ward, North Salt Lake Utah Stake.

Ritch Wood (Italy Milano Mission)
Currently Serving President
Via Gramsci, 13/4
20090 Opera (MI)
Phone: 011-39-02-5760-0860
Ritch N. Wood, and Rebecca Wood, six children, Alpine 2nd Ward, Alpine Utah North Stake: Italy Milan Mission, succeeding President Bart D. Browning and Sister Gail H. Browning. Brother Wood is a stake Young Men presidency counselor and former stake president, bishop, bishopric counselor, high councilor, elders quorum president and missionary in the Italy Milan Mission. He was raised in Weiser, Idaho, by Norman Stern Wood and Joan Kaye Wood.
Sister Wood is a ward Relief Society presidency counselor and former ward Young Women and Primary presidency counselor, Young Women adviser and Primary music leader. She was raised in Denver, Colorado, by Enrique Rascon and Maria Cristina Rascon.

Other addresses or information will be posted when they are made available. If you have questions or comments please send a message to imamhpdigital dot com with your comments or information.

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