Information to be added to the IMA Missionary Database

Information submitted will be added to the database and made available for others at the web site in the near future. Automated entry was not used to assure proper entry with that 'human touch'. If you provide information that you do not wish to share with others on the web, specify this in the space provided below. If you have previously submitted information but it has been more than a year, please check it to assure that it is still correct. Entries with no Email address or email addresses that do not accept messages will be deleted.

Married isters will be listed by their maiden, or mission names, followed by their married name. This will make it easier for those who knew you then to find you now. Home addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent information may also be included in the 'other information' category. This is also the place to explain any specific desire for your listing in the database.

Please copy the form below by dragging your mouse over it, copying, and then pasting into a blank Email message page (or on a blank page in your favorite word processor). Fill in the blanks, then email the information to imamhpdigital dot com.

Please put "Web Registration" in the Subject line.

Your submission will be added within the next 5 to 10 days or as soon as possible. Please feel free to mail requests for changes to your own (your OWN, please!) entry in the IMA Address list database.

Thank you for your interest and support. Please inform your missionary colleages about this resource and invite them to become registered users.

Please copy the form below and mail as directed.


First Name

Last Name

Married Name (sisters)

The years you were on your mission

Mission President(s)

Email Address

Other information such as homepage URL, home address, phone, "release only specific data", etc.

Please email this information to imamhpdigital dot com.