Addresses of Former Italy Missionaries
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The following persons have registered on this website to make it possible for their former colleagues to find them. Sisters are listed with the maiden name followed by their married name (if applicable). If you would also like to register and add your name to this growing list, please go to this link and fill out the information you wish to share. It will be added shortly to what you see now.

If your Email address does not work your entry will be removed. Please send Email address updates promptly. We have no desire to share out-dated information. Thank you!

ADDRESS LIST with last names beginning with the letters A to D

Accetta, Flavia 1983-1984 Turner accetta mstar2 dot net
I served in Bari, Palermo, Catania, Siracusa, and Trapani, but spent time in Trappeto.
Albaugh, LuAnn 1979-1980 Coletti lubaugh hotmail dot com
Alexander, Christy 2000-2001 Rempel christyjalexander msn dot com
Allard, Joseph Leon Pierre 1979 - 1981 Gambarotto pierreallard8 gmail dot com
55 Riverview, Gatineau, Qc. Canada, J9H 4S7. (819) 684-9875
Allen, James 2007-Jan 2009 Boynton, Dunaway italiallen789 q dot com
Andersen, Benjamin 2000-2002 Curtis, Jensen bmandersen hotmail dot com
Andersen, J. Vance (Joe) 1984-1986 Cardon vance azjurist dot com
Andersen, Spencer 2015-2016 Waddoups, Pickers spandersen12 gmail dot com
Anderson, Bob 1985-1986 Cardon, Williams RNAnderson
Anderson, Kathryn 2018-2019 Pickerd kathrynanderson66cdc.govicloud dot com
Anderson Green, Jordan 2002-2003 Pacini, Jensen goddessofsewing gmail dot com
Anderson, Kelson 2018-2019 Pickerd kelson.anderson1 gmail dot com
Anderson, Willard 1978-1980 Larcher, Gambarotto andersonwill netscape dot net
Angell Tovar, Kathryn 1981-1983 Gillespie tovars earthlink dot net
Angell, Kevin 1992-1995 DeWitt kangell fdic dot gov
734 Rosewood Dr Murphy, TX 75094. 972-429-4870
Ashby, Than 1996-1998 Flosi thanashby hotmail dot com
Athey, Kevin 1998-2000 Flosi, Pacini drizzt acm dot org
Baker, Christopher 1990-1992 Pasta, Favero cwbaker hotmail dot com
Baker, Robert 1981-1982 Gilespie rsbaker bakerinc dot com
Barney, Lynn 1966-1969 Duns lljjjjjj msn dot com
1851 Fairway Lane, Draper, UT 84020
Barton, Kelly 1971-1973 Christensen, Call, Barnes kbartongmail dot com
3829 Lake Hills Rd, Richmond, VA 232234. 804-271-8225
Barrington, Amy 2000-2001 Pacini, Jensen viperbarrington hotmail dot com
Beals, Stephen1990-1992 Pasta-Favero Stephen_Beals msn dot com
Belfiglio, Paul1967-1970 Duns, Rector, Christensenpaul belfiglio dot net
31861 National Park Dr., Laguna Niguel, CA 92677. 949-240-2349
Belnap, Ty 2003-2005 Jensen, Rhein goped hotmail dot com
107 Arapahoe Drive, Evanston, WY 82930
Bendall, McKenna 2007-2008 Rhein, Acersonkennabdall yahoo dot com
1127 E. Hidden Valley Rd., Fruit Heights Ut 84037. 801-309-1576
Bennett Allen, Lisa 1988-90 Pasta lisaallen connect2 dot com
Bertrand, Spencer 2005-2007 Rhien, Acerson golf_guru86hotmail dot com
138 Millcreek Way, Tooele, UT 84074
Bird, Bryan 1995-1997 Dibble bryanb21 hotmail dot com
Blackwell, Brent 2015-2017 Waddoups, Pickerd blackwellbrent4 gmail dot com
385-985-5140. 545 N 880 E Springville, UT
Blaga, Alexandru Vlad 2010-2012 Wolfgramm alexfromlds gmail dot com
Boman, Dale 1971-1973 Christensen, Call, Barnes motabtenor gmail dot com
240 South Main, Salem, UT 84653. 801-423-1333
Bonzo, Jamie 2016-2017 Waddoups, Pickerd bonzojamiegmail dot com
Bowler, Mike 1987-1989 Williams, Pasta mike.bowler2 gmail dot com
Braas, Van 1981-1983 Cardon vanandlisa q dot com
Brooks, Morgan 2018-2019 Pickard morganbrooks02 gmail dot com
Brown, Chayston 2015-2017 Wadduops, Pickerd chaystonbrown13 gmail dot com
Brown Peterson, Carol 1979-1981 Coletti, Gillespie petersoc byuh dot edu
Would love to get in cotact with anyone from this time. Hope someone remembers me.
Bryan, Curtis 1998-2000 Ascione, Rempel cbryan gmail dot com
Bullock, Carl 1966-1969 Duns bullock_cs yahoo dot com
Bullock, Sean 2009-2011 Dunaway, Wolfgramm sean.r.bullock gmail dot com
1157 W Country Park Cove, South Jordan UT 84095. 801-254-7024
Bunker, Jan 1971-73 Jorgensen jbunke01 7-11 dot com
3747 Bingham Creek Dr. West Jordan, UT 84088. 801-280-2547
Caccioppo Jackson, Debra 1975 Radman calciomom gmail dot com
746 E. 830 N. American Fork, UT 84003
Calder, Ryan 1993-1995 Dewitt ryanc weberhs dot org
I am married to Julie and have 4 kids (2 girls, 2 boys). (801) 612-9281
Camp, Courtney 2011-2013 Kelly deuseusarda gmail dot com
1320 Cambon Ct. Redlands, CA 92374 USA; (909)-353-9882
Campbell, Mark 2006-2008 Rhien, Acerson mcampbell027 gmail dot com
Cannon, Paul 1971-1973, Christensen, Call paulmcannon msn dot com
95 Amber Road, Saratoga Springs, UT. 84043 (801)768-4512
Cardon, Michael 1969-1971 Christensen cardon brigham dot net
Carrington, Collins 2009-2011 Toronto Kelly cmccarrington hotmail dot com
6772 Tiger Tooth, Littleton, CO, 80124 USA
Childs, Lane 1977-1979 Coletti childs wucmd dot com
Salt Lake City, UT
Christensen, Kirk 1969-1971 Christensen kcconsult hotmail dot com
10954 Hanley Drive, Rolla, MO 65401
Christensen, Steven 1985-1987 Cardon, Williams steven c88 dot org
Clawson, Douglas (Duff) 1971-1973 Christensen, Call duff creativeghost dot com
735 Three Fountains Cir. #48, Salt Lake City, UT. 84107 (801)262-1679
Coburn Lake, Julie Ann 2002-2003 Jensen julieannlake gmail dot com
Cook, Elizabeth 2001-2003 Rempel, Caruso liz44em yahoo dot com
Cottam, Jen 2000-2004 Jensen freedomfigure hotmail dot com
Crapo, Rhett 2000-2002 Curtis, Jensen guv_garfunkel yahoo dot com
Home: PO Box 1113, 350 E. 300 So., Delta, UT 84624.
Crawford, Rick 2009-2011 Toronto, Kelly janrickc
Home: 11568 Heatherberry Cir. Draper, UT 84020.
Cundick, Joel 1995-1997 Parker, Flosi jrccharliebrown yahoo dot com
1 Round Hill Road, Newton, PA 18940. (410)997-8118
Curtis, LeGrand R, Jr. 1971-1973 Jorgensen, 1998-2001 Padova Miss. Pres.
padova4 hotmail dot com
1837 Moorecrest Ct., Salt Lake City, UT 84121 (801)943-8318
Da Ponte, Stefano 2015-2017 Waddoups, Pickard dapontestefano gmail dot com
Via Buerga 7, Monguzzo CO 22040, Italia
Davidson, Joshua 2006Ð2008 Rhein, Acerson joshhdavidson yahoo dot com
1821 Stoney Mountain Drive, Lake Point, UT 84074. (801)250-5651
Davis Pasto, Circle 2000-2001 Pacini circulokee hotmail dot com
Davis, Mark 1975-1977 Larcher mdavisx aol dot com
Dayley, Marlowe 1987-1989 Williams, Pasta marlowejd yahoo dot com
Personal Web Space: http://www.dayley dot net
Dayley, Toby 1997-1999 Flosi, Pacini tjdayley hotmail dot com
2010 Fraser Street, No. 205, Bellingham, WA 98229
Denton, Becky 2001-2002 Pacini, Jensen bexjex yahoo dot com
Doermann, Jeffrey 1975-1977 Grinceri jdoermann gmail dot com
9752 North 6800 West, Highland, UT 94003; (801)768-8482 h,(801)310-0164 c.
Doggett Smith, Pauline 1974-1976 Barnes, Larcher
pauline.j.smith talk21 dot com
17 Highfield Park Road, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7DX, England
Served in Roma, Taranto, Napoli, Palermo and Ostia
Donohoo, Anthony 2005-2007 Rhien, Acerson alabaster_cities hotmail dot com
43626 Yaffa St. Lancaster, CA 93535. 661-942-4870
Doxey, Paul 1971-1973 Christensen, Call, Barnes
paul doxeymd dot com or doxfam infowest dot com
1287 Bloomington Dr. South #4, St. George, UT 84790
Dunham, Van J. 1968-1971 Dunns, Christensen vdunham cox dot net
233 N. Westport Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85234. (480)892-1505
Dursteler, Eric 1983-1985 Euvrard eric_dursteler byu dot edu
Web Site: http://fhss.byu dot edu/history/faculty/dursteler/index.html
Dyer, Winston 1972-1974 Call, Barnes wdyer thedyergroup dot com

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Information can be submitted by way of the "registration" link on the home page or from the link at the top of this page. If you have information about anyone listed here that would make the listings more complete (dates served, presidents served under, etc.) please pass it on. Questions or comments are welcome; send them to imamhpdigital dot com. Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto!

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