Addresses of Former Italy Missionaries
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The following persons have registered on this website to make it possible for their former colleagues to find them. Sisters are listed with the maiden name followed by their married name (if applicable). If you would also like to register and add your name to this growing list, please go to this link and fill out the information you wish to share. It will be added shortly to what you see now.

If your Email address does not work your entry will be removed. Please send Email address updates promptly. We have no desire to share out-dated information. Thank you!

ADDRESS LIST with last names beginning with the letters E to H

Earley, Tyler 2007-2009 Boynton, Dunaway notlate gmail dot com
Eccles, Adam 2005-2007 Rhien aeccles
Edgel, John and Lali 2016-2018 Waddoups, Pickerd gr82fly aol dot com
1339 St. James Lane, St. George UT 84790. 435-673-6859 home, 435-680-3670 cell
Egbert, Mark 1971-1973 Christensen, Call megbert yahoo dot com
Evans, Jenessa 2007-2009ƊDunaway jenessa dot e gmail dot com
Fagerburg, Eric 1985-1987 Williams, Conforte eric ecjj dot org
Farnsworth, Michael 2002-2004 Rempel, Caruso mike.r.f juno dot com
Farr, Jeff 1988-1990 Lombardo/MascarroJeff.farr mac dot com
Favero, Randy 1970-1972 Christensen, Jorgensen randyfavero aol dot com
PO Box 981777, 221 Goshawk Ridge Road, Park City, UT 84098
Fazio, Gennaro 1989-1991 Lombardo, Mascaro gf35 cornell dot edu
Fellows, Chad 1990-1992 Varia chadkf comcast dot net
Felt, Carlin 2007-2008 Boynton, Dunaway carlinfelt gmail dot com
2835 Pierce Avenue, Ogden, UT 84403
Ferrari, Eduardo 1967-1968 Duns eduardoferrari yahoo dot com dot ar
Fitzner, Chris 1972-1974 Call, Barnes cfitzner53 gmail dot com
1017 Graham Court, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T5T 6L4; (780)444-40997
Flandro, Douglas 1990-1992 Favero dougflandro hotmail dot com
75 Doyle Ave. Providence, RI 02906.
Forsyth, Neil L. 1966-1969 Duns, Rector, Christensen neil.l.forsyth telus dot net
Box 2424 High Prairie, Alberta, Canada T0G 1E0
Fox, Kevin 2000-2002 Curtis, Jensen volpus1 yahoo dot com
Freestone, David 2001-2003 Pacini, Jensen d_freestone yahoo dot com
Gastelum, Antonio 1990-1992 Conforte gastelum dot edu
Garbutt, Scott 1973-1975 Barnes, Larcher scottg scmi dot com
349 N. Palisade Dr. Orem, UT 84097 (801) 224-5084
Gardner Snow, Deborah 1994-1995 Parker deborah.snow mac dot com
Garrett, Crag 1977-1979 Larcher, Gambarotto cgarrett58 aol dot com
Giambattista, David 1976-1978 Grinceri, Watkins giamfam rochester.rr dot com
You mlso try to contact using dgiamba gmail dot com
Giove, Blake 2010-2012 Wolfgramm blakegiove gmail dot com
13684 Vestry Rd. Draper, UT 84020; (970)-314-0854 c
Gochnour, Lucy 2016-2017 Pickerd Lucyg317 gmail dot com
Goodlet, Jared jaredgoodlet hotmail dot com
Grinceri, Scott 1999-2001 Pacini no_doubt hotmail dot com
Grinceri, Todd 1996-1998 Clegg toddgrinceri dodo dot
Hale, Mickey 1991-1993 Favero Mtsehale hotmail dot com
We are about to move into the U of U family apartments, 7/2000
Hall, Stephen 1979-1981 Lotito hallsns gmail dot com
Served in Air Force at Aviano (Pordenone) from 1994-1997.
Hamada, Allan 1997-1999 Dibble, Curtis
35202 Momat Avenue, Riverside, CA 92595. (909)609-0906
Hamilton, Victoria 2014-2016 Waddoups victoriajuliahamilton gmail dot com
Hansen, Ryan 2016-2018 Pickerd ryanlhansen6 gmail dot com
Hansen, Taylor 2016-2018 Waddoups, Pickerd taylortongahansen gmail dot com
Harmon, Darrell1985-1987 Turner, Williams, Conforte darhar4 gmail dot com
Hartle, Daniel 1992-1994 DeWitt danielhartle comcast dot net 801-319-8177
Hartmann, Steven 1979-19981 Watkins, Lotito
stevenmhartmann worldnet dot att dot net3508 197th Ave Ct E, Sumner, WA 98390
Harvey Crosby, Shannon 1985-1987 Euvard, Lombardo shancrosby gmail dot com
Harward, Tobby 1997-1999 Dibble, Curtis tobsta79 hotmail dot com
65 No 360 W., Orem, UT. 84057 (801)224-2030 h, (801)764-7420 w, UVSC Fin. Aid
Hawkes, Kenton 1975-1977 Grinceri kentonhawkes msn dot com
Haynie, Saryn 2013-2014 saryndippidy14 gmail dot com
Hecker, William 1969-1971 Christensen hecker byu dot edu
747 W. 1650 North, Orem UT. (801)226-3840.
Helgeson, Lauren 2017-2018 Pickerd laurenhelgeson yahoo dot com
Hendriksen, Darrell 1997-1999 Ascione, Rempel darrellhendriksen gmail dot com
Hendriksen, Mike 1971-1973, Christensen, Call, Barnes mh mikehendriksen dot org
244 W 255 S Orem, UT 84058 (801)224-8853 home, (801)376-2531 cell & text
Herd, Amber 2001-2003 Pacini, Jensen ambermeister625 yahoo dot com
Hillan, Joel 2001-2003 joelhillan hotmail dot com
5291 S. Zinnia Ct. Littleton, CO 80127. (303)933-4414
Hoard, Christopher 1992-94, Favero, Parker christopher.hoard gmail dot com
Office: 727-787-0101, Mobile: 727-638-4430
Hof Blanchard, Uti Italian member baptized in 1971 (801)561-6061
827 East Chariot Drive, Sandy, UT 84094
Hohl, Justin 1996-1998 Flosi justinbhohl yahoo dot com
Holmes, Heath 1997-1999 Sowell zot717 hotmail dot com
Holzer, Tyler 1998-2000 Flosi, Pacini tylerholzer yahoo dot com
Hope, Sperry 1990-1992 Conforte, Anderson shope928 yahoo dot com
Served in the Padova Mission. Just moved back to SLC from Texas.
Horstmeier, Mark 1987-1989 Williams mark horstmeier dot org
Howells White, Amy 1973-74 Call, Barnes amyhwhite gmail dot com
Huntington, Lily 2001-2003 Pacini, Jensen lilyhuntington hotmail dot com
Hurst, James 1994-1996 Parker, Flosi hurstcj yahoo dot com
Hyde, Blaine 1972-1974 Call, Barnes blainelhyde gmail dot com

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Information can be submitted by way of the "registration" link on the home page or from the link at the top of this page. If you have information about anyone listed here that would make the listings more complete (dates served, presidents served under, etc.) please pass it on. Questions or comments are welcome; send them to imamhpdigital dot com. Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto!

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