Italy Mission Presidents
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This page shows the chronology of the presidents of each of the missions in Italy. You will see names of some of the presidents in more than one mission, as transfers took place during a few tenures, and a few persons were called to more than one mission presidency. Select a link from those below to go directly to the following locations on this page. If the name you seek is underlined, more information is available on a companion page. Click on the name to be taken there.

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Presidents of the Great Italy Mission
1966- John Duns, Jr.
1969- Hartman Rector, Jr.
1969- Leavitt Christensen (deceased)

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Presidents of the Italy North Mission
1971- Dan Jorgensen

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Presidents of the Italy South Mission

1971- Leavitt Christensen (deceased)
1972- Lester D. Call (deceased)
1973- Ralph A. Barnes (deceased)

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Presidents of the Italy Milan Mission
1974- Ivan G. Radman
1976- John R. Halliday (deceased)
1979- Samuel Boren (deceased)
1982- Felice Lotito (moved from Padova Mission upon consolidation of the two missions)
1983- Christian Euvrard
1986- Frank Lombardo
1989- Nick M. Mascaro (deceased)
1992- Kenneth R. Goodman (moved later to the Catania Mission)
1995- J. Halvor Clegg
1998- Madison U. Sowell
2001- J. Lane Henderson
2004- Rodney B. Boynton
2007- J. Scott Dunaway
2010- David Wolfgramm
2013- Bruce Dibb
2016- Kent J. Allen
2019- Bart D. Browning
2022- Ritch N. Wood (currently serving)

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Presidents of the Italy Rome Mission
1973- Ralph A. Barnes (deceased)
1975- Leopoldo Larcher
1977- Joseph Coletti (deceased)
1980- Clinton G. Gillespie
1983- Craig A. Cardon
1986- Dwight B. Williams (moved from Catania Mission)
1987- Giuseppe Pasta
1990- Richard H. Favero
1993- C. Gerald Parker (deceased)
1996- Leone Flosi
1999- Craig N. Pacini
2002- Daniel O. Jensen (moved from Padova Mission)
2004- Robert Rhien
2007- Jeffrey Acerson
2010- Thomas Kelly
2013- Michael G. Waddoups
2016- Michael D. Pickerd
2019- Donald E. Smith
2022- Timothy D. Morris, (currently serving)

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Presidents of the Italy Catania Mission
1977- Leopoldo Larcher
1978- Lino Pablo Gambarotto
1981- John G. Lahaderne (deceased)
1982- Samuel Boren (deceased)
1983- Norman C. Turner
1985- Dwight B. Williams (moved later to Rome Mission)
1986- Vincenzo Conforte
1989- Mario Vaira
1992- G. Robert DeWitt
1995- Kenneth R. Goodman
1996- Giovanni Ascione
1999- Terrance G. Rempel
2002- Sebastiano Caruso
2004- Giovanni Ascione
2005- W. Bryan Colton (moved from the Albania Tirania Mission)
2007- James Toronto
2010- Italy Catania Mission consolidated into Italy Rome Mission

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Presidents of the Italy Padova Mission
1975- John A. Grinceri
1978- Arthur R. Watkins
1980- Felice Lotito (transferred to the Italy Catania Mission in 1982.)
1982- Mission was consolidated with the Rome and Milan missions.
1990- Vincenzo Conforte (Mission re-opened. Also served as President of Catania Mission 1986-1989)
1992- Howard C. Anderson, Jr.
1995- Cleve Dibble
1998- LeGrand Curtis, Jr.
2001- Daniel O. Jensen (transferred to the Italy Rome Mission in 2002.)
2002- Italy Padova Mission consolidated once again with the Rome and Milan Missions.

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Please Note:
Additional information and news on subsequent mission presidents will be added as it is received. We would like to include recent and past photographs of the mission presidents if they are made available to us. If you have any information on the mission presidents that you would like to share, including photographs during their missions, please contact the webmaster at imamhpdigital dotcom with details. This information will be updated regularly, as required. Thank you for your contributions!

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